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The Architect’s vision for a project is paramount – from the overall scheme down to the smallest detail. Parallel Construction Management is made up of architecturally trained Construction Managers and Superintendents that understand the process of design and how the finish result is affected by every construction decision along the way. We work with the Architect and various project Consultants to fully realize the design intent and to coordinate construction processes that create that desired result.

With experience first working in the design side of the industry, we understand the time and rigor that has gone into designing a custom residence for a client. The Architect has worked through and drawn all facets of the project to achieve a functional, efficient, and aesthetically engaging residence that meets the needs of their Client. Our team fully understands that all construction means and methods should conform to the decisions that have already been set out and approved by the Architect and Owner to help keep the project running on-time and within budget.

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